Marine Portable Alcohol Tester

Global regulations have been put in place by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO)

The International Maritime Organisation advises that drug and alcohol testing be carried out to eliminate risk of drug or alcohol related incidents. Furthermore, guidelines provided by the Oil Companies International Marine Forum outline that seafarers should be tested through a mixture of random and regular testing to identify, minimise and eliminate safety hazards in the maritime industry.

Who Should Be Tested?

Workplace drug and alcohol testing should be conducted on all employees within the maritime industry. Employees on board all vessel types should be tested including stakeholders for:

    • Chemical tankers
    • Oil tankers
    • Bulk carriers
    • Ferries
    • Cruise liners
    • Super yachts
    • Charterers
    • Manning agents

Aces Marine’s AL7000 & AL6000P are easy to use marine portable alcohol tester complies with U.S. Coast Guard requirements for the drug and alcohol testing regulations in Title 46 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Parts 4 and 16.